Benoit Badiashile says he enjoys working out with “extraordinary” Chelsea player making £110,000-per-week

Thiago Silva has received a tonne of praise from his Chelsea teammate Benoit Badiashile. Even at the age of 39, Thiago Silva is still one of the most important players for Stamford Bridge. Thiago Silva is a dependable presence in defence for Mauricio Pochettino’s team. The £110,000 per week centre-back has played every minute of the Premier League so far this season.

One of the young, gifted center-halves for Chelsea is 22-year-old Benoit Badiashile. So it comes as no surprise to hear him confess that he frequently seeks Silva’s opinion for guidance. Working and training alongside the illustrious defender on a daily basis has been referred to be a “honour” by him.

Thiago Silva is highly regarded by his Chelsea teammate Benoit Badiashile

Benoit Badiashile spoke to Sky Sports about Silva. He said

“I ask him an enormous amount of questions to the point where I must get on his nerves a little.”

Benoit Badiashile further added

“It’s because, as Axel [Disasi] said, he’s so intelligent and he’s someone extraordinary for someone of his age. It’s such an honour to work with someone of that class and everyone who works with him benefits from him and it helps us go to the maximum level.”

According to a recent report from The Telegraph, Silva has spoken with Chelsea’s manager this year to receive tactical guidance. Undoubtedly, the South American defender at Chelsea has a significant impact both on and off the pitch.

There are a tonne of young people at Stamford Bridge, and we tell each one of them to soak up Silva every day like a sponge. He’s fortunate to still be competing at the highest level in his late 30s.

Once Benoit Badiashile is back to full fitness, it will be intriguing to see how he fits into this Chelsea starting lineup. Silva doesn’t appear to be changing his position in the lineup for the time being.

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