Bernardo Silva addresses a future away from Manchester City

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Bernardo Silva was highly linked with a move away from Manchester City during the summer. However, he is having one of his best seasons at the club right now. However, when asked by a Portuguese newspaper A Bola if he would like an opportunity to play for Benfica again, he was happy to do it.

He has scored 8 goals and assisted twice in 27 appearances in all competitions this season. He has been an important player for Pep Guardiola over the years. Silva is still an important player for Guardiola going forward. However, Pep mentioned that Silva wants to leave City but he has been phenomenal this season.

Manchester City are ten points clear on the Premier League table with the help of Bernardo Silva. They might even go on to win it which might change Silva’s decision to leave. Moreover, there is no specific interest in Silva by other clubs but any club would be happy to have him.

However, it is a dream for any boy to play for his academy on a higher level. Bernardo Silva is also that boy and would like to play for his boyhood club Benfica again. He had this to say when was asked whether he would want to play or train for Benfica again,

“Training and presiding doesn’t make sense. Play? No doubt, if they want me there.”

Why Manchester City must keep Bernardo Silva at any cost?

Bernardo Silva has been instrumental for Manchester City this season and was undroppable at times this season. It is to be considered that City have many players to rotate but he still was undroppable at one point. He has got everything a midfielder should have. However, most importantly he suits his manager’s needs and City might struggle to find a replacement for him.

He makes 1.4 key passes and completes 1.4 dribbles per game. Moreover, he makes 1.5 tackles per game and has a passing accuracy of 88.8% (stats via whoscored). Very few players can balance the stats in attack and defense and Silva is doing just that at Manchester City. His excellent game awareness is proving to be an edge over others for City.

Moreover, he has a contract with Manchester City till 2025 and might be expensive for many clubs in the world. He can be a key part of a Champions League-winning Manchester City side. Moreover, City will have to go through a transition to find a Silva replacement, or else they will have to make some tweaks in their system.

If Bernardo Silva wants a move to Benfica then he can maybe think about a move towards the end of his Manchester City contract. He has a good shot at winning the Champions League at Manchester City and maybe even more if he joins another big club. He can even consider playing for Benfica in the later stages of his career as he still has a lot more to offer.

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