Boca Juniors’ rising star Ezequiel Fernández on Manchester City’s radar

In the dynamic world of football transfers, Boca Juniors’ young talent Ezequiel Fernández has emerged as a potential target for Manchester City’s network of clubs, particularly Girona in Spain. According to journalist Jonathan Riniti, there’s buzz surrounding the possibility of the talented player making his mark at the Etihad.

Boca Juniors is led by president Juan Román Riquelme and manager Diego Martínez. They are actively reshaping their squad after losing Valentín Barco to Brighton. Now, attention turns to Fernández, who has attracted interest from Girona. The Spanish side, part of the City Group, is eager to bolster its ranks as they continue their surprising title quest in La Liga.

Boca Juniors’ Dilemma: Navigating Fernández’s future

Riniti reports that Girona have been closely monitoring Fernández and is contemplating making an offer to Boca’s leadership. Moreover, what makes this transfer more intriguing is the prospect of Manchester City entering the scene if things work out positively.

The jewel of Boca that Girona wants is Equi Fernández,” Riniti says,

The City Group would buy him for the Spanish team, but if he’s performing well, I don’t rule out that he ends up at Manchester City.”

Boca, having lost Barco, is determined not to let go of their players easily. They are standing firm on a $15 million asking price for Fernández. Additionally, they are pushing for an increased release clause of $20 million. So, the question now lingers: Will Girona find this price tag agreeable?

Post Barco’s departure, Boca seems resolute in their valuation of Fernández, signaling their commitment to securing fair deal for him. Therefore, as negotiations unfold, football fans around the world await the outcome. They are curious to see whether Ezequiel Fernández’s journey might take him from Boca Juniors to Manchester City.

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