Brighton target Valentín Barco might choose Manchester City instead

Manchester City

The Argentinian 19 year old Valentín Barco has recently caught the interest of both Brighton and Manchester city. The latter proving to be his most likely choice so far.

The left footed Boca Juniors player can reliably fit most roles, his current being a left back defender. Though he can serve offensively with ease.

Barco is a well rounded player. the young man’s acceleration and dribbling can see him placed in an attacking position with ease. he excels at tackling and ball control as well making him a reliable defence player. All without having any major weaknesses.

Boca has revealed the player’s release clause to be worth £8 million. In addition, the player’s protection clause raises said value up to £14 million for a time.

The Seagulls have shown their desire to add the young talent to their roster with a £8 million offer. However, Man city seems determined to snatch the player from them.

Manchester City’s advantage

Manchester City have contacted the player’s club with a £14 million offer. The Citizens have shown their interest in the player and are willing to accept the protection clause conditions. The club also agreed to allow the player to attend on August 23rd and 30th for the Racing match.

Brighton, while first to reach out to the player, seem to have lost their opportunity.

However, Barco’s team urges him against it, with teammates Sergio Romero, Darío Benedetto, and Marcos Rojo requesting the young man to stay with the club until the end of the year, thus nearing his contract’s expiration date.

Boca administration have also contacted the young man with the intention of advising the player on his next step. However, no concrete answer was given yet.

Valentín Barco has a big decision to make. and with the clauses only lasting for a short period, every second matters.

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