Bruno Fernandes is ready to leave Man United after this season

There are some rumors that the FA cup final between Man United and Man City will be the last game for Bruno Fernandes as he might leave the club.

Fernandes is currently 29, who is been considered as one of the best player of Man united, the best signing they have made in recent years. He is being consider as one of the best playmaker in the league, he is the one who had created the highest chances for the club. Till now he had played 230 games in which he has scored 79 goals and also gave around 64 assists which is a great number for a midfielder.

But even after playing such a beautiful football, Man united have struggled a lot specially when he made captain. A lot managers came and gone but failed to improve the quality of team and did not manage to win even a single trophy. The value of the club in transfer market have also decreased a lot.

There is some after the entry of Sir Jim Ratcliffe at the club. Now he is the man in charge and all the decision will taken by him. There are some reports that claims that he had already got the full sporting control despite the club is in a big mess.

Bruno Fernandes is now looking for a new challenge

Fans are expecting that there will be a lot changes that will happen, some people even thinks that united will bring a new manager who can control the team and players better than the last one and also the one who is brilliant at his tactics.

The changes have already started with Omar Berrada to join the club and will become the new CEO, Dan Ashworth will become new sporting director and Jason Wilcox will become new technical director. All of them will have one goal and that is to improve the squad of the club.

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