Chelsea player made his international debut last night by featuring in a new role


Tim Vickery, a South American football expert, said it was a thrill to watch the Chelsea youngster, Kendry Paez perform last night. He admitted to ESPN that it was exciting to watch the confidence he had as he made his mark before being substituted with 20 minutes remaining.

Paez made history last night when he played for his nation’s first squad. He became the second-youngest South American to do so. In addition, he broke Pele’s record for the youngest player from his continent to record an assist in a senior game.

Last night, the teenager played in a midfield trio with his Chelsea team-mate, Moises Caicedo. Caicedo joined him and put on an outstanding performance of his own.

The young player was signed by Chelsea with the expectation that he would be trained to play on the right side of their attack.

Chelsea youngster excels in new role for his national team

Vickery, though, claims that in their 2-1 victory over Uruguay, he performed particularly well in the centre of the park.

Vickery said

“Paez operated on the right of a midfield trio. Left-footed but able to go either way. There was a swagger and a style about his football. A casual ease of accepting responsibility to set up the play, that was a joy to watch.”

He continued saying

“The Chelsea player did not last the entire game — that would have been too much to expect — but by the time he left the match, with some 20 minutes to go, he had laid on the winning goal.”

Vickery further added

“Caicedo started to vary the repertoire. He worked some short corners, and from one of them he slipped Paez, his future Chelsea teammate, to the bye-line. Paez played in a low cross and there was Torres once more, this time stretching out a leg to win the game.”

There is a lot of anticipation for the day when he finally breaks through at Stamford Bridge. Although, he won’t be able to play for Chelsea for a couple of seasons.

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