Chelsea player under the spotlight as sole striker against Liverpool


Chelsea proved to be a challenge to Liverpool as no player was able to break the 1-1 draw. Nicolas Jackson proved to be an essential part in the Blues’ longevity on the field. Moreover, the player delivered a remarkable performance in his first premier league game.

The player delivered a total of 3 goals and 2 assists during his 3 pre-season games. What’s more is that he has shown great chemistry with teammate Christopher Nkunku. Thus Expectations were high for Nicolas Jackson. However, Nkunku’s injury and following surgery meant a unexpected change in his game plan. One which he, fortunately, adapted to.

“there’s only one option, to be ready and we are going to be ready” – Commented Pochettino on the matter.

Christopher Nkunku received his injuries during a friendly against Borussia Dortmund. Furthermore, the knee injury required surgery and has denied the possibility of him returning before November. Ultimately leaving the team in an unenviable position. A position which they seem to manage for the time being.

Player’s performance during the Chelsea Liverpool match

Jackson proved to be a remarkable asset against the reds, delivering a total of 21 passes despite his alleged “isolation” as Pochettino puts it. Pochettino also claimed that said isolation is by far the only issue with his fantastic performance, and can easily be solved by working on the team unit.

“The only problem was that he was a little bit isolated sometimes, and sometimes he needed more help. He was fighting really well, I am very happy with his performance, but I think like a team and like a coach, we need to provide for him and play closer to him and help him” said Mauricio Pochettino during an interview.

Overall, Jackson’s first premier league performance has been taken positively by both fans and teammates. A reaction that eludes to the young star’s bright future.

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