City: Former Boxer Storms Pitch and Celebrates with Erling Haaland

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Terry ‘Turbo’ Flanagan, the former world champion boxer, made headlines as the unexpected pitch invader who enthusiastically celebrated with Manchester City star Erling Haaland during a match at Bramall Lane. This unusual incident occurred during a game where Haaland had been facing a frustrating afternoon. Missing a penalty and squandering other scoring opportunities before finally finding the net with a header to put the reigning Premier League champions in the lead.

The goal ignited an outpouring of emotions not only from Haaland but also from his teammates and, quite unexpectedly. A fan who invaded the pitch and was warmly embraced by the Norwegian striker. Onlookers were quick to take to social media, with one fan noting. “That fan caught Haaland by surprise!”

City and their crazy fans

Interestingly, this particular pitch invader wasn’t just any fan; he was Terry ‘Turbo’ Flanagan. A retired British professional boxer who held the WBO lightweight title for an impressive two-year span from 2015 to 2017. Flanagan boasts an impressive boxing record, having participated in 36 fights. Winning 14 of them by knockout, with only two defeats.

Flanagan’s connection to Manchester City goes beyond his unexpected pitch invasion. He is a fan of the club and has even given the unique opportunity to hold a press conference at the club’s Academy Stadium in the past. During one such press conference in 2017. Flanagan expressed his admiration for then-manager Pep Guardiola and the team’s style of play. Describing it as a joy to watch.

Despite Haaland’s initial struggles during the match, Manchester City managed to secure the victory with a stunning winner from Spanish midfielder Rodri. Haaland, relieved by the victory, expressed his emotions on Twitter, writing, “Aaaaaand breathe!” The win continued Manchester City’s perfect start to the campaign as they look forward to their upcoming match against Fulham at the Etihad Stadium.

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