Cristiano Ronaldo takes a dig at former teammate Wayne Rooney

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There’s not a single day when Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t making the headlines since returning to Manchester United. His return may have pleased many, but some were on the other side of the line. Most recent personality to opine on Ronaldo’s move back to United is none other than Wayne Rooney. The mercurial forward was in the box for Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football (MNF). Rooney shared his views on Ronaldo making a come back to Manchester United.

Ronaldo has blown-hot blown-cold since his second debut at the Old Trafford. The striker has scored 18 times so far in 32 appearances for United. He did show up to big games, scoring last gasps winners in Champions League, or the hat-trick against Tottenham. But some controversies were created after he was left out of the line-up, or the squad in whole.

Wayne Rooney was asked by presenter David Jones about Ronaldo and his game so far. Rooney explained, “You’d have to say no (it hasn’t worked), at the minute. He’s scored goals, important goals in the Champions League earlier on in the season, he scored the hat-trick against Tottenham”.

Rooney further elaborated, “But I think if you’re looking at the future of the club, you have to go with younger, hungry players to lift Manchester United over the next two or three years. Obviously Cristiano is getting on a bit and he’s obviously not the player he was when he was in his 20s. That happens, that’s football. He’s a goal threat, the rest of the game, I think they need more younger and more hungry players.”

Ronaldo reacts on the comments made by Rooney

We have to say its a small world and nothing goes unnoticed. Ronaldo and Rooney shared the pitch for a better part of their careers. The two won several trophies for United as well. Ronaldo scored 118 goals for United in his first stint over 292 games. On the other, Rooney who went on to become United’s all-time top scorer amassed 95 goals while playing alongside Cristiano.

However, it seems Rooney’s judgement hasn’t gone down well with his former teammate. Rooney, the latest inductee in the premier league’s Hall of Fame posted a picture on Instagram from MNF. David Jones and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher could be seen with Rooney in the photo. However, Cristiano Ronaldo was quick to pounce on the opportunity to reply to Rooney.

Ronaldo quipped with a comment on Rooney’s picture, “Two jealous” along with eye emojis. While it is unclear that Ronaldo’s take was vis-a-vis with Rooney’s comments, we have every reason to believe it was. However, one cannot distinguish whether Ronaldo’s reply was just sarcasm, or on serious terms.

Cristiano Ronaldo missed United’s last game against Leicester City as the two clubs shared spoils. He hopes tu return for the next game, against Everton. Well we could sense that Ronaldo would be out there to Rooney wrong as well.

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