Daniel Ricciardo joining Alpha Tauri?

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Daniel Ricciardo does not have a drive as the Australian is leaving McLaren after the 2022 season and is now linked with Alpha Tauri for 2023.

Daniel Ricciardo has lost his seat with McLaren and is a free agent for the 2023 season. The Australian has not yet announced his next move.

However, Ricciardo has clarified that he has no intentions of leaving Formula 1. So, where can Ricciardo possibly land next?

While Ricciardo has said that he would stay in Formula 1, he has also made it clear it will happen only if he can secure a competitive drive for next year.

The Australian’s McLaren outing was a disaster with only 1 high being the win at Monza last year. Other than that Ricciardo has struggled to perform in his McLaren car. The Australian joined the British outfit back in 2021 only.

Back to the Red Bull family?

Rumors are indicating a possible exit of Pierre Gasly after the 2022 season. It is speculated that the French driver is going for the vacant seat in Alpine only.

This means Alpha Tauri could end up with two vacant seats by the end of the 2022 season. Yuki Tsunoda’s contract expires at the end of this year and is yet to be extended.

Now, with Oscar Piastri confirmed to McLaren, Alpine F1 will also be looking for the driver to replace Fernando Alonso who leaves for Aston Martin after this season.

It is believed that Alpine has already contacted Pierre Gasly for the 2023 seat. However, if Alpha Tauri insists on keeping the Frenchman, can Ricciardo take the Alpine seat?

Or in another scenario, will Ricciardo make a comeback to the Red Bull family?

Nevertheless, Alpha Tauri would not be the team Ricciardo would ideally want to land in. Alpha Tauri has struggled this year due to regulations changes and has not produced a competitive enough car.

The Australian is searching for a competitive enough car to make his comeback next season.

So where would Ricciardo eventually go?

Going back to a junior team after having so much experience in Formula 1 is not what Ricciardo would want.

Furthermore, as said by Horner on Sebastian Vettel’s return, Daniel Ricciardo coming to Alpha Tauri would be like coming back to his ex.

Moreover, Alpha Tauri’s main purpose is to find and nourish young talent for driving Red Bull. Ricciardo given his age will simply not fit in with the team.

Therefore, it looks like it’s Alpine, Haas, or goodbye for Ricciardo in the upcoming season. A move back to the Faenza-based outfit will simply not suit both parties.

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