Dominik Szoboszlai: A Versatile Solution for Liverpool’s Midfield Dilemma


Liverpool quest for a new holding midfielder to replace the departing Fabinho has led to various speculations and potential names being thrown into the mix. However, an unexpected solution might lie within the squad itself. As 22-year-old midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai suggests he could step into the defensive midfield role if needed.

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Szoboszlai expressed his willingness to adapt and play as a No.6. Although he prefers a more advanced position on the pitch. He stated, “I just want to be on the pitch! But as a number eight, a number 10… if I have to slide back a little bit to take the ball as a No.6? No problem. I want to be more towards the goal but, yeah, I’m a box-to-box (midfielder) I would say!”

Szoboszlai’s versatility is unquestionable, and he certainly possesses the talent to excel as a No.6. However, the role of a deep-lying midfielder at Liverpool demands a specialist with a specific skill set. Fabinho performed marvelously in that position for the majority of his five-year stint at Anfield. And finding a like-for-like replacement is a challenging task.

While Szoboszlai’s admission might provide insights into Jurgen Klopp’s approach to new midfield recruits, prioritizing versatility over fixed positions, it is crucial to recognize the unique requirements of Liverpool’s system. Klopp’s tactical setup heavily relies on the No.6 to act as the anchor while other players surge forward, making it a pivotal position.

Can Szoboszlai fill the Defensive Midfield role at Liverpool?

Although Szoboszlai possesses great potential as a deep-lying midfielder. He might not perfectly fit the mold that Liverpool seeks for this crucial role. Klopp’s desire for versatility could also be seen in the case of Alexis Mac Allister, another multifaceted midfielder who has experience in a deeper position.

With Trent Alexander-Arnold likely to continue in his hybrid role. Klopp might be open to the idea of having a less specialized midfielder as the deepest player. However, it remains evident that someone needs to provide defensive support alongside Trent as he orchestrates attacks.

Currently, the top contenders for this role seem to be Thiago Alcantara and Stefan Bajcetic. While Szoboszlai could potentially fill this position, his creative vision and goal-scoring prowess are better suited to a more advanced role closer to the opposition penalty box.

In conclusion, Dominik Szoboszlai’s versatility is an asset for Liverpool, offering them various tactical options in midfield. However, when it comes to the specialized No.6 role, Klopp may still seek a player with the specific qualities required to anchor the team effectively. The ongoing search for Fabinho’s replacement promises to be an intriguing aspect of Liverpool’s transfer plans, with Klopp carefully weighing his options to maintain the team’s competitiveness at the highest level.

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