Doyle denied FA Cup semi-final apperance against his parent club

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Tommy Doyle denied FA Cup semi-final apperance against his parent club Manchester City later this month..

Doyle on loan at Sheffield United from the Etihad for the season, helped his team to reach the last four stage with a stunning volley against Blackburn Rovers in the quarter-finals. He will face his parent club at Wembley on 22nd April.

Alongside Doyle, Steve McAtee also spending the season at United from Manchester City, is in the same situation. But they have to remember that they will face one of the best teams in the world.

Doyle admitted that if anything could have dampened the situation, it would drawing against City in the semis. He told UTB :-

“I still enioyed the aftermath of the game though, with the lads and my family, and on reflection I suppose it was always going to happen.Because that is how the world works.

“Something or someone, no matter what it is or who, will bring you back down. I wouldn’t say I went from a high to a low, it was just frustrating. But it was out of my hands.

“The club and the lads are there and that’s more important than me. For me personally, I’m hopeful there will be another chance to play at Wembley for club or country. I’m swallowing my pride a bit really because I’m just genuinely buzzing for everyone else. I’ll have to back myself in my career to have more opportunities to run out at Wembley.”


Doyle admits that it will be strange to watch both the teams face each-other, while he watches from the Wembley stands. He added :-

“Nothing too awkward. I’ve got a foot in both camps and people know my affiliation with City.

“But that doesn’t need to be spoken about at the moment, because l’m a Sheffield United player and my affiliation is with them. I have nothing but the utmost respect for that. I want us to go and cause a big upset and the lads at City, the likes of Kyle [Walker] and John [Stones] know that, having seen them when with England recently.

“So there is no awkwardness at all, it is football and we all understand how it works. Both teams will want to win and City are obviously big favourites.

“But if we got through I’d hopefully have the chance to play in a cup final, but whatever will be will be. If City beat us I’ll want them to win the final. If not, we have a massive opportunity to go on and win it.

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