Enzo Fernandez finds a new role for Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea


Enzo Fernandez will find himself in a new role for Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino is considering a change in Enzo Fernandez’s role due to Carney Chukwuemeka’s injury setback.

The team’s attacking options have suffered additional setbacks. Christopher Nkunku is already sidelined until December, and Carney Chukwuemeka sustained a knee injury during the West Ham match. Adding to the challenges, Mykhailo Mudryk, who replaced Chukwuemeka in that match, also suffered an injury during training. Chelsea is facing a big hardship with these injuries

Pochettino aims to reinforce the team before the transfer window closes. He acknowledges the need to adapt to the lack of attacking choices. One strategy being considered is moving Enzo Fernandez to a more advanced position. Fernandez, a significant transfer from Benfica and an Argentine World Cup winner, has enjoyed greater freedom under Pochettino’s management. Conor Gallagher is also being considered as an alternative option.

Pochettino mentioned that both Gallagher and Fernandez could step in to fill the gap left by Chukwuemeka and Nkunku. Injuries have disrupted plans, particularly in a crucial position, but Pochettino remains positive, highlighting the team’s adaptability and positive attitude.

Enzo Fernandez as a box-to-box midfielder

Regarding Enzo Fernandez, Pochettino emphasized his role as a No. 8 and discussions about his position and comfort when joining. Pochettino values Fernandez’s skills and stressed the importance of granting him certain liberties on the field to maximize his playmaking and shooting abilities. With box-to-box capabilities, Fernandez can shine throughout the pitch.

Despite recent challenges, like a draw against Liverpool and a loss to West Ham, Pochettino is confident that time and patience will lead to positive outcomes. He underscores the importance of establishing a consistent playing style rather than just seeking immediate victories. Chelsea’s upcoming match is against Luton Town, and Pochettino aims to improve the team’s performance and secure a favorable result.

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