Erling Haaland hearing hardly: Amidst demands for his suspension citing the “Van Dijk incident”

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Previous week’s Premier league fixture between Tottenham and Manchester City was anything but boring. A clash with ample goals, last minute clincher and a very controversial referee decisions that still haunts the game. Manchester city were breaking away for a last counter attack in the additional time when Haaland was fouled by Emerson. Haaland unfazed by the attempt, played Grealish through. However, the referee blew the whistle, somehow refusing to play advantage. Erling Haaland evidently furious with the referee made his case in an unpleasant manner reminiscent of Van Dijk in Liverpool vs Newcastle.

The referee subsequently reprimanded Haaland for his behaviour . However, there is concern among fans. The severity of actions left something to be desired based on previous precedents set by the Premier league.

Erling Haaland invites Van Dijk for same rite for right punishment

Referee’s have made the decision of raising the refereeing standards this year in unison. This includes, ignoring soft fouls, punishing players diving and suggesting and also minimizing protests that create a hostile environment on field. A major problem during this revamp is maintenance of uniformity in decision making. This is necessary for the Players to get clarity on the code of conduct on the pitch.

The game between Liverpool and Newcastle involved another controversy. Although Liverpool won the fixture due to a double by Darwin. However, Liverpool were priorly down to 10 men due to the sending off of Virgil Van Dijk. The veteran defender got into a confrontation with the referee after a controversial call. This resulted in steaming words from the defender which resulted in a red card, a fine amount and even a suspension.

This case seems reminiscent of the City and Spurs incident. Erling Haaland was extremally furious with the referee which is natural considering the situation. The referee did make a mistake and thus is liable for punishment due to a slack and the loss for City. However the reaction from Erling Haaland was way overboard. He invaded the personal space of the referee to voice his concerns which was inappropriate. Some might consider the yellow card brandished as sufficient punishment. However, the case of Erling Haaland and Van Dijk are not too dissimilar barring the punishment given. According to Echo, Erling Haaland continued the protests on social media writing ‘wtf’.

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