Fabio Carvalho: First Signing of Liverpool in 2022/23

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Liverpool has signed their first player this summer in the form of 19-year-old Fabio Carvalho. He’ll be joining the reds at the beginning of July and can replace one red player potentially. Jurgen Klopp is very keen on having him on his team and has put pen to paper for a five-year deal.

The move could have happened back in the winter transfer when Carvalho completed his medical and agreed to personal terms. Some issues involving paperwork led to the last-minute cancellation of this move. This time Liverpool connected all the dots and the awaited transfer has happened. 

About Carvalho

Fabio Carvalho was more than impressed with his time in the Championship. His performance has caught the eyes of many scouts but it was Liverpool who signed him. 

The 19-year-old has scored 10 times and contributed eight assists in his 36 appearances. After the goal contribution, he also contributed 13 big chances making 1.7 key passes and 1.1 tackles winning 53% of the dribbles.

He’s not only a fresh but promising prospect when it comes down to creativity in the midfield or the attacking position. Newly promoted Fulham wanted to keep him but it all hailed down to the player who choose Anfield over Craven Cottage. 

What Makes Carvalho such an Interesting Prospect?

Carvalho possesses the ability to edge volatile balls into the box. He also can dribble through defense which makes him a multi-faced threat in attack, especially during high pressing. 

With his vision and style of gameplay, many would-be wish him to do what Alex Oxlade Chamberlin could have done at the Merseyside. The former gunner when arrived at the Merseyside looked to establish himself as an integral part of Klopp’s side. His style of gameplay which many pundits referred to as direct and risky, took the midfield to a whole new dimension.

He would recover the ball from deep and would very often try long rangers. Unfortunately, he suffered a ligament injury that kept him sidelined for the best part of a year. Since then meaningful game time has been scarce for him and his best form is way past him. For a moment it felt like things are falling into its place when he featured in every league game during afcon. The odds got stacked against him as he again got sidelined.

Failing to make it to the bench in seven of Liverpool’s last eight matches and hasn’t featured in any matches since players have returned from afcon. The reds will surely like to have young blood thriving in their squad with players like Kelleher, Jones, Elliot, and now Carvalho.

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