Fabrizio Romano dismisses Eden Hazard returning to Chelsea

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Eden Hazard and his football journey has been quite confusing recently. He left Chelsea in a high-profile €100 million transfer to Real Madrid, creating a lot of anticipation. However, rumors about his return to Stamford Bridge as a free agent were dismissed and called ‘unlikely‘ by Fabrizio Romano. Romano is a trusted source in the transfer market.

Hazard‘s time at Real Madrid was tough. Over four seasons, he only managed to score seven goals. This is a far cry from what was expected given his huge transfer fee. His lackluster performances led to his departure from the Spanish giants this summer. Despite these struggles, Chelsea fans still remember his incredible contributions during his spell at the club. Eden Hazard scored an impressive 110 goals in 352 appearances for the Blues. His remarkable skills and goal-scoring ability have made him a beloved figure among Chelsea supporters.

Fabrizio Romano on Hazard’s return to Chelsea

In a recent interview, Romano shed light on the uncertainty surrounding Hazard’s future. Furthermore, at 32-years old, the Belgian star is considering various options, including retirement. Currently, there have been no concrete developments regarding his next move, and Hazard has yet to make a final decision. Romano stressed the importance of patience in waiting for Hazard’s decision. Furthermore, he pointed out that previous rumors linking him to Belgian clubs or other destinations lacked credibility.

The mere possibility of Hazard’s return to Chelsea stirs nostalgia and excitement among fans. It would undoubtedly bring back fond memories of his time at the club. However, the entire footballing world is eagerly awaiting the next phase in the career of this highly talented player. He once dazzled the Premier League with his exceptional talent. Moreover, Hazard’s name will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of football fans around the globe.

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