Farewell Andre, Bienvenu Liverpool! Fluminense finally ready to part with their star


Liverpool were eager to obtain the services of a central defensive midfielder in the summer. This is necessary to fill in the huge gap left by Fabinho. Moreover, he singlehandedly dictated play and shielded the back line in defensive transitions. Andre was thus wanted desperately by Liverpool before Fluminense gave them a reality check.

Fluminense steered through plenty of offers in the CDM scarce, although cash abundant market. However, their resilience was fueled by a desire to utilize Andre’s talents in achieving accolades. Subsequently, the patience and the success would result in a further increase in the young midfielders value.

Andre to Liverpool for Fluminense

The patience of the parent club of Andre paid dividends recently. The Brazilian side have won the Copa Libertadores with brilliant performances from the midfielder and will compete in the FIFA Club World Cup next month. Fluminense in hindsight, were clever to keep Andre despite Liverpool laying a hefty fees. This decision has not only helped the youngster develop in a familiar environment without external pressure.

Moreover, it has also helped a club in the shadows to rise, shouldered by the young gem in their ranks. Success stories like this make football an enigma for the romantics. However, keeping in mind all the factors, next summer’s transfer window would be a perfect time to cash in on the cow. This is mainly because Andre stocks are at an all time high after the domestic success. His performances at his parent club and his good relationship with his manager also earned him a national team call up. It certainly helps considering that Fluminense and Brazilian national team are both lead by Fernando Diniz.

Fluminense need to ride the Andre wave now as they have already yielded the maximum output from him. Andre has outgrown the level of Fluminense thus big clubs like Barcelona and Liverpool are vying for his signature now. However, Liverpool are currently leading the race to sign the highly acclaimed midfielder. Although, he has a release clause of 35 million euros, but Liverpool’s desperation and his recent success might inflate the figure significantly.

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