Ferrari believes the budget cap breach to be a ‘vital test’

Laurent Mekies

Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies believes the budget cap breach scandal to be “a very vital test” for the FIA.

FIA introduced a budget cap to limit overspending by the big teams. The cap was first introduced last year with a limit of $145million.

Ahead of Singapore GP weekend, reports emerged about a potential breach of last season’s budget cap. Two teams came in limelight after the rumors – Red Bull and Aston Martin. Both teams are rumored to have broken the 2021 budget cap.

However, even after the regulations are in place, the penalty or punishment is still unclear. There is no clear statement of what penalty would be given and how much leniency would be given.

The penalty ranges from a fine to a deduction in championship points.

However, too strict punishment will send the F1 world into a frenzy and if extremely lenient punishment is awarded, it will make the budget cap a joke, and teams would not take it seriously. So, it depends on FIA to decide the outcome of this investigation.

“It is a very vital test for the cost cap,”

said Laurent Mekies – Ferrari’s race director.

“If we don’t pass that test then it is probably game over because the implications are huge.”

Mekies explained:

“I know it [potential penalties] are what the people in the grandstands want [to hear]. I respect that.

“But we are much earlier in the process than that and probably an even more key aspect of it – is there a breach?

“What is crucial is the FIA fully enforce the rules as they are written now and then after, the penalties are a different matter.”

Ferrari alongside Mercedes has been extremely vocal about the budget cap issue ever since the first reports came in.

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