Former striker Dean Ashton suggests everyone is making a mockery of Liverpool man

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Former England striker Dean Ashton said that everyone is laughing at star Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez at the moment. Liverpool bought Darwin from Benfica back in 2022. Since then, he has been a mixed performer with missing sitters at times to scoring some awful goals at moments. However, Liverpool fans are happy with what the 24-year old is offering at the club. According to Ashton, Nunez has become a mockery for people owing to his missed chances. Though, he got his back for the Uruguayan as well. Speaking to TalkSPORT, Ashton said,

“I wouldn’t say [he’s] unlucky because some of the chances are excellent chances that you would expect a top striker to take. I think that’s a bit of him, I think he’s still developing, still needs to improve that clinical-ness. But the volume of opportunities he’s getting tells me he’s a super player in that sense and that he can improve and will improve as the games and seasons go on for Darwin Nunez.

But at the moment it seems like a lot of people are probably having a bit of a chuckle as though he’s the type of player who’ll never get it right. I think he will, I just think the volume of chances he’s getting is a real positive.”

This has been the case with Darwin since his arrival in the Premier League. He is big, paced and a fiery personality that makes him hard to miss. Owing to this, a small missed chance becomes a big topic for comic fans. Moreover, after some of the worse misses against Luton Town this weekend, all the heads are towards him once again. Despite this, the former Englishman believes that there is still much time for the Uruguayan to improve.

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