Frank Leboeuf rages as his former club Chelsea fails to function offensively


Once hopeful, many followers now see that Chelsea is in a steady decline, leading these fans to share their concerns. One of these figures, the former Chelsea professional Frank Leboeuf, recently went public to address the flaws of the Blues.

The club recently faced Bournemouth resulting in a 0-0 draw, which was somehow worse than their Nottingham Forest match earlier. The team created even less chances during this match and used non of them, culminating in 14 lost scoring opportunities.

The team was quite capable of creating opportunities earlier this season, but was unable to make any use of them. Now however, they seem to have lost their ability to take control of the field as well, which is unprecedented.

The team made several decisions during their last game which were questionable at best, which Frank Leboeuf rightfully called “outrageous”.

Anger and disappointment fill Frank Leboeuf as Chelsea fails again

For a player who saw Chelsea’s capabilities back in 2001, with 7 years of club experience, the incompetence is shocking. Speaking of ESPN-UK, the former professional made it clear that Chelsea has made no progress since last year’s embarrassing resultes.

“that’s something we all know about Chelsea for more than a year they do silly stupid clumsy stuff in the last third would not allow them to score a goal a simple goal they don’t know how to score goal so until they do so let’s talk about other teams because we all know what we can expect from Chelsea”

The professional also touched on several of the technical mistakes and missed opportunities the players made during said last third.

Both fans and professionals alike seem to agree that there is no saving Chelsea if this trend continues. But since this trends started since last year, its unlikely they will change anytime soon.

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