Frimpong ready to go back to his boyhood club Manchester City?

Manchester City are known for being the best in the transfer market and this time they are back in headlines with the prospect of signing a former academy graduate. City are reportedly in talks with Jeremy Frimpong and are determined to bring him back to England and further solidify their defense.

Frimpong’s journey is an amazing testament to the quality of city’s academy. The Dutchman spent almost nine years in the academy, refining his skills and making him capable enough of playing on this huge level. Although the journey hasn’t been that easy and straightforward for him. In search of good game time, Frimpong joined Celtics in 2019. His remarkable performance in the Scottish league caught the eye of many European clubs and later on Bayer Leverkusen signed him in 2021.

AT Bayer Leverkusen, Under the guidance of Xabi Alonso Frimpong has grown immensely. His dominant display on the right flank during the games has labelled him as one of the most exciting and threating young right-back in the footballing world right now. Furthermore, with his pace, attacking capabilities, and the defense solidity, he has attracted interests from several big European giants, including Manchester United.

Guardiola’s Tactical Vision and Frimpong- a perfect match?

When we talk about Manchester City, one name that pops up in the head is Pep Guardiola. He is the man not only responsible for taking Manchester City to the greater heights but also revolutionized the modern football. The main key factor of Guardiola’s system is the role of full backs. They are responsible either indulging in the midfield or maybe form a back three to provide extra safety in the back. This tactical masterpiece has been very key for City’s breathtaking success on the field.

With the recent reports, Frimpong’s return to City is surely interesting given his explosive playstyle. Traditionally an attacking full-back, Frimpong has all what it takes to be an excellent attacking full back in this modern game. Although, being a part of this Guardiola’s system would take more than that.

Despite all the factors, if City pulls this signing, then it’s going to be an amazing masterstroke by them. At just the age of 23, he has the perfect balance of youth and the experience, making him as an amazing long-term asset for the team. Also his past experience at the club and the familiarity can help him easily settle in and be a part of the team.

Furthermore, people should also consider how amazing his versatility is. Frimpong has developed immensely in the defensive department during his time in Germany. his ability to play as a wing back and also become a traditional full back, will provide Guardiola with many tactical options.

Financial Implications of the signing

One more interesting factor about this signing is the financial factor. Market value of Frimpong is €50 million on the trasnfermarkt. Although, there are possibilities that his price can inflate given the caliber and the performance of the youngster this season. However, given City’s financial capabilities, this transfer should not be that hard and they can easily pull it off without compromising on any other department.

This whole narrative of signing an academy graudate back will also send the signal of City’s commitment to their homegrown talents.

As the summer window is about to begin on 14th June for the premier league teams, the idea of Signing Frimpong is very enticing and filled with promise. The tactical adjustment can surely be seen as a hurdle but given the versatility and the determination of the youngster, it can work out brilliantly. As Manchester city look forward to grow their trophy cabinet, the approach of signing a former graduate also sends the signal of their belief in their own philosophy.

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