Gabriel Heinze recalls his transfer saga back in 2007

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Ex- Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze recalls his transfer saga back in 2007, when his move to Liverpool was blocked by Manchester United.

Heinze would have only became the 2nd player since Phil Chisnall’s move back in 1964. In Heinze’s case, Manager Alex Ferguson came in and blocked the deal.

Heinze then hired a lawyer to solve the dilema. Ex-Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez wanted the Argentine at Anfield back then.

Reds launched an offer of £6.8m, but Ferguson was adamant as the transfer was out of question. Speaking at the time, gaffer said :-

“I can assure you, Liverpool will not be getting Gabriel Heinze. We can put that to bed right now and we have done so.

“We have had a couple of offers for him and we have turned them down. Heinze’s agents are rolling the ball all the time.

“But no matter what his agent thinks, we are in the driving seat. I don’t know exactly what Gaby thinks because it’s all coming from his agent, but this has been going on for a year and a half now.

“We’re aware that he’s taking legal advice, but that’s good. I just hope it’s good advice because we are very confident.

“I’m aware that it has been suggested that he’s using Liverpool’s solicitors, but that doesn’t worry me. He has either got a case or he hasn’t.”

Back then, Rafa Benitez was suprised by United’s refusal

Spanish manager Rafa Benitez was baffled with United’s refusal to sale Gabriel Heinze. Back then, he said :-

“It’s clear he’s a player we like and he’s a very good player.

“That’s the reason why they don’t want him to leave for us. We made an offer which they rejected. The lawyers are now working on it and so we have to wait.”

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