Gary Neville shares the reason Manchester City sold Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus

Manchester City sold Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling to Arsenal and Chelsea respectively last summer. They signed Alvarez and Erling Haaland to replace the attacking duo. Haaland have made Premier League headlines since joining the club. Alvarez will be leading the Argentina attack in the World Cup final. Gary Neville now shares what he was told by a Manchester City insider about Alvarez and Gabriel Jesus. Their new signing Alvarez could return to England as a World Cup winner. Gabriel Jesus had a very different experience than that of Alvarez. The Brazilian picked up an injury that keep him out of the pitch for quite some months.

Gary Neville on Gabriel Jesus and Alvarez’s deal

On his podcast Neville shares inside news about the Gabriel Jesus deal. He tells about the decision that Manchester City made for their attacking lineups during the summer. Neville told,

“I was told a year ago when City let Jesus and Sterling go – because I was quite surprised that City let both go at the same time – that this kid (Alvarez) was the reason.”

He further continued,

“Someone said that to me, that is quite close to City, that he was the reason and they didn’t want to block his path.”

Gabriel Jesus got a start in their match against Cameroon, where he picked up an injury. Jesus had to go through surgery for it and the injury will keep him out for a few months.

Arsenal are currently sitting that the top of the league table. Arsenal have managed to surprise everyone with their amazing performance this season. Alvarez was signed as a backup for Haaland if he ever got injured for a long period of time. With his brilliant performance at the World Cup, there is no doubt that he will be a suitable deputy for the Norwegian striker.

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