Guardiola wants conclusion on Man City’s FPP investigation

Pep Guardiola

Manager Pep Guardiola wants get over with the FPP investigation on Manchester City for their 115 financial breaches over a span of 8 years.

City came under huge pressure after Premier League announced that Everton recieved a 10-point deduction for breaching Financial Fair Play Rule. The Toffees are currently sitting in the relation zone, just above Burnley due to goal difference.

The reigning Premier League champions can be next team to get punished. Back in February, City were charged for various financial breaches between 2009 and 2018.

City have strongly denied these charges as investigation still ongoing. However, if they are found guilty, they might get relegated from English top-division.

Pep Guardiola is quite confident of his club’s innocence after Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS) overturned the two-year ban from European competition for breaching UEFA’s FPP regulations back in 2020. He said :-

“The club proved they were completely innocent.

“We have already been condemned. You have to understand that 19 teams in the Premier League are accusing us without us having the ability to defend.

“We are lucky we live in a marvellous country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We didn’t have this opportunity, we are already sentenced.

“I am fully convinced we will be [proven] innocent.”

Guardiola admits of getting “impatient”

Pep Guardiola admits of getting “impatient” as the Spaniard want the judges to make the decision as soon as possible. He said :-

“What I would like is for the Premier League, or the judges, to make [a decision] as soon as possible.

“Maybe we did something wrong, everyone will know it, and if we are like we believe we are, like we have done as a club for many years in the right way, then the people stop talking about that. We would love it tomorrow.

“Hopefully they are not so busy, and judges can see it and listen to both sides, and at the end decide what is the best. Because in the end I know firmly that what we won on the pitch we deserve it, I don’t have any doubts.

“We accept it is there. If it happens, it happens. So let’s go. Come on, 24 hours, let’s go, sit down, talk, both sides, lawyers present, don’t wait one year, three years, why not do it quickly?

“Come on. As soon as possible, for the benefit of everyone. But I know there are many cases around the world, injustices. Hopefully we can do it as soon as possible.”

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