Hamilton almost had it! – United States GP review

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An exhilarating United States GP has come to an end with Verstappen again coming on top.

The 2022 United States GP didn’t disappoint when it came to an entertaining race. The race started with drama and action and had a similar ending.

The race began with an incident as pole-sitter Carlos Sainz had a collision with George Russell that ended his race. The turn 1 incident later handed Russell a 5-second time penalty.

From their own, Max Verstappen leads the race quite comfortably. He successfully keeps off two safety car restarts threat at bay before a pit stop ruined his race.

From there we witnessed a brilliant recovery drive from Max Verstappen coming from P3 to win the race with just 20 laps to go.

Max Verstappen chased down both Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton in the final laps of the race as he claims his second US Grand Prix victory in a row. Red Bull also secured the constructors crown in Austin.

Win drought continues for Hamilton

At yet another race of the 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton came close to securing his first win of the season. However, Verstappen and red bull had other plans.

It was looking smooth sailing for Verstappen as he fends off the Hamilton threat on both the safety car restart. He managed to keep his lead and seemed all set to win his 13th race of the season.

However, things changed on lap 36 of the Grand Prix. Verstappen came into pits for fresh mediums with enough window to regain the lead once he went back on track. In a rather rare error from red bull, Verstappen lost his lead and even his P2 position.

Verstappen spent 11.1 seconds of stationary time during his pit stop. This opened the race for Hamilton who was in P2 behind Sebastian Vettel after this incident.

Hamilton was on hard Tyres and Verstappen had to overtake both Leclerc and Hamilton to secure the race. Verstappen spent 4 laps chasing the Monegasque hurting his Tyres. However, the Dutchman showed why he was unstoppable this season.

Verstappen chased down Hamilton who was almost 4.5 seconds ahead of Verstappen. Hamilton tried to use all his experience to try and defend his lead. However, the pace of red bull was too much for the Briton.

Verstappen was dancing on the rear of that silver Mercedes by lap 49 and was in lead by lap 50 ending any chances for Hamilton to secure his first win of the season. Hamilton continued to chase the red bull for a couple of more laps but ultimately couldn’t keep up with the Dutchman.

Nevertheless, Hamilton really showed why he is a 7-times world champion trying his complete best to win even against the odds.

Can Hamilton continue his streak of at least one win every season he took part in Formula 1?

United States GP results and review

We witnessed many entertaining and exhilarating moments during the 2022 United States Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel showcased a heroic drive after he was too messed up by a poor pitstop on lap 42. The German from leading the race at one point went out of the points following this incident. However, the 4-time world champion showcased his immense experience as he completed an excellent recovery drive coming home in P8.

Sebastian Vettel also now officially led 3500 laps in his career. Further, he was voted the driver of the day.

George Russell went off to a bad start tagging Carlos Sainz in the opening lap. He came home in P5 after securing the fastest lap on the final lap.

Fernando Alonso had a rather big moment on lap 22 with Lance Stroll as he went straight into the back of the Aston Martin while trying to overtake on the left. Alonso went airborne for a few moments before hitting the barriers but continuing the race.

Stroll, however, didn’t have that much luck as his Aston Martin got spun and lost its rear not capable of continuing the race.

Alonso pitted for the new front wing and Tyres. Even after the damage to the car, the Spaniard manage to come home in P7. He, however, later got a 30-second time penalty after protests from Haas moved him out of the points.

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