Havertz is performing well at Arsenal this season according to Gary Lineker

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Kai Havertz did serve Arsenal well this season, but according to Gary Lineker, the player is performing better than most.

Arsenal made many changes to it’s formation that do not seem to be beneficial in any way, shape, or form. One of these ambiguous changes is the addition of the expensive Kai Havertz, which the Gunners bought for £65 million.

The defender participated in most of the current Premier League‘s games showing adequate skill, yet barely made any appearances beforehand. In fact, Super-agent Jon Smith discussed the matter beforehand explaining that, considering the circumstances, Arsenal made a “mistake” acquiring him.

The agent noted that an off bench player with an unimpressive past performance should not cost the club £65 million.

Yet despite the fans’ current outrage, a certain former professional does see that the player is leaving a positive mark.

Why Gary Lineker views Havertz as a sound Arsenal investment

Much of the recent criticism surrounding the player involves his past with Chelsea, which was in all aspects, a mess. However, Lineker makes an attempt to judge the midfielder objectively using this season’s data alone, considering the blues’ past situation.

“I don’t think at the minute you can judge any Chelsea player on last season’s performances, the club was in turmoil, it was a mess, it was a shambles, they all underperformed.” stated Gary Lineker as a podcast guest.

Moreover, despite last season’s terrible performance, Havertz performed well enough for Lineker to throne him as his personal best addition.

Still, the player’s underperformance is not ignored or brushed off, but Gary acknowledges the fact that there is still time.

In the end, the player gained his position because manager Mikel Arteta deemed him worthy, but only time will tell.

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