‘He didn’t feel it like he felt it at Leipzig’: Thierry Henry on why Timo Werner flopped at Chelsea

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Thierry Henry says the reason Timo Werner flopped in Chelsea is that “He didn’t feel loved” at Chelsea.

Timo Werner joined his former team, RB Leipzig, on a permanent transfer this summer. He arrived at Stamford in 2020 over a transfer fee of £47.5 million.

He failed to adapt to his new team and was often criticized for his end product while performing at Chelsea. Werner played eighty-nine games and only scored 23 goals for the Blues.

However, he won the champions league with them in 2021. He returned back to his former team this summer for over a fee of £25 million. Now, he has been tremendous for his former team, having scored seven goals in 13 matches.

What did Thierry Henry say about Werner’s good form?

Timo Werner scored for RB Leipzig in their win over Celtic on Tuesday. Former Arsenal legend Thierry Henry was pretty impressed with the performances of Werner after returning to his former club.

On CBS sport, He said:

“I will call it confidence. You have players who don’t care if you put your arm around them. They will come, execute and leave.

“Then you have some players that need to feel the love. They need to feel maybe that they are going to play for 90 minutes. The best example is the second goal

“First and foremost on the first control, Timo Werner would never have put that ball down at Chelsea, and then he would never have seen [Emil] Forsberg.

He would have rushed it trying to do something, overthinking it and overdoing it. I saw it before, he was calm before and he is calm again.”

“Maybe he would have shot [when he brought the ball down] because people said he can’t score at Chelsea – it gives you confidence when you score again. Then I see him pass it with his left foot at the right time.

He added.

“Sometimes you go to some places, they don’t show you that love, I’m not saying he didn’t have it, but if he didn’t feel it like he felt it at Leipzig, then you aren’t going to be at your best and you won’t take the right decision.”

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