‘He reached out to me genuinely’: Virat Kohli on MS Dhoni


Virat Kohli in the RCB podcast revealed that apart from his family, coach, and wife. MS Dhoni was the one who genuinely reached out to me. This happened during the bad phase in his cricketing career. Virat was sacked from the ODI captaincy over a phone call. As a result, he quit the captaincy of test cricket also.

Virat on MS Dhoni said that

“The only person who, apart from my childhood coach and family…genuinely reached out to me has been MS Dhoni. He reached out to me and you can rarely get in touch with him. If I call him on any random day, 99 per cent he will not pick up (the phone), because he just does not look at the phone.”

“So, for him to reach out to me…twice it has happened now and one of the things that he’d mentioned in the message while reaching out to me was that: ‘when you are expected to be strong and looked at as a strong individual people forget to ask how are you doing?”

He further added that

“So, it (Dhoni’s words) hit home for me because I have always been looked at as someone who is very confident, mentally very strong, who can endure any circumstances and find a way and show us the way. That’s why I mentioned this particular incident because MS Dhoni knows exactly what is going on. He understands it because he has been there himself,”

Former Captain of India Kapil Dev’s words on Kohli

I think he will make an impact, because he still has a lot of hunger left in him, which we all can see. The first match is very important. If he makes runs, then his playing style changes. When there is a bigger player the first Test match is always important.”

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