Dhoni wants to build a strong team before he leaves CSK

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In the final match of IPL 2021, CSK won the winning trophy beating KKR. Everyone expected Dhoni to retire after this season. But the win definitely had a positive impact on the heart of the captain. And thus Dhoni would be playing next year as CSK still needs him. Though, it is not confirmed if he’ll exactly play or not.

CSK have won the IPL Title four times in just 12 years. They were banned for two years because of a controversy.

In the post-match ceremony of the IPL 2021 Finals, Dhoni suggests that Chennai ought to look forward to build a team for the next ten years. And possibly Dhoni is yet to be involved in the tournament as the captain of Chennai Super Kings next year too. Thus he’ll be looking few responsible players that could take CSK further when Dhoni won’t be around.

Dhoni on CSK future in IPL

After the final battle, Dhoni expressed his thoughts on the future of CSK in IPL. The captain of CSK, MS Dhoni says-

“We have to decide what is good for CSK, you know. It’s not really about me being there in the top three or four, whatever the retained number of players is,”

Dhoni believes that Chennai Super Kings need to get few young players that are ready to take big responsibilities. And carry it forward for at least 10 years from now. Thus CSK will have to build a team that can stand on the ground with the same power even after Dhoni get retired. That’s why IPL auction 2022 is going to be essential as it would contribute to the coming years.

While Dhoni will be looking forward to building a strong base before leaving his throne behind.

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