How Good has Adama Traore Been This Season For Wolves?

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Adama Traore has been in quite a unique kind of spotlight since his move to Wolves back in 2018. While many fans of the sport know him for his blistering pace and brute physique. It must be said that since last season he has been under quite the criticism. While the player predominantly plays as a winger, he has also thrived at the wing-back position as well.

Last season Adama Traore was stated to be one of all show and no tell due to his lack of assists. Similarly, at the start of this season, the player has been critiqued quite a bit for the same reason. While most of the time it is on the player to create assists. One must also realise that for there to be an assist, one must score. Adama Traore while at Wolves has shown his skills on the ball and work rate. He has also shown how wasteful he is in front of goals. The statement of him not being clinical enough to score does make sense. Last season he only scored two goals in the league and none this year.

Adama Traore Performance For Wolves Since 2020

Last season Adama Traore started in 28 games for Wolves averaging a game time of 71 minutes. During this time he only scored 2 goals while having a shot conversion rate of 5%. During each game, he averaged 1.2 shots. He had a pass accuracy of 76% while making 1.5 key passes per 90 in the league. Traore also made 0.8 tackles per 90. He averaged 4.1 dribbles per 90 in the league which came to a 70% success rate. He did receive 4 yellow cards as well last season showing he doesn’t mind being a bit rash.

Until Game Week 5 of the Premier league, Adama Traore has started in 5 games. He was also a part of the team of the week as well for one game week. This season he has been taking 2.3 shots per 90 in the league showing an increased urge to score. While at the same time he missed 2 big chances as well. Currently, he is providing 2 key passes per game while having a pass accuracy of 77%. He has also been averaging a high of 8.2 successful dribbles per game. While winning 73% of his ground duels.

Is Adama Traore Actually Underrated?

Adama Traore is a classic example of a pure winger in Wolves. According to his average positions, he tends to drift wide and dribble. It is quite a rarity to see a player like him get inverted. Due to the current trend of football, many wingers are forced to go narrow and towards goals. While one key stat about Adama Traore was that last season he made the highest number of successful dribbles in any of the major European Leagues.

Even more than Lionel Messi. While Adama has created a lot of chances, it’s due to the strikers in Wolves not being so clinical that chances are being wasted. At the same time, Adama Traore isn’t registering assists as well.

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