‘Then what’s the use of being a governing body ?’- says Javed Miandad


The Asian Cricket Council held a meeting in Bahrain to decide the venue for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. But no decision has been taken even after the meeting regarding the hosts. The Ex- Pakistan player Miandad questioned ICC for not taking any action against BCCI.

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has slammed ICC for the decision made by BCCI. BCCI is strong and confident in its decision to not travel to Pakistan. But all the former players and officials of PCB are criticizing the decision made by BCCI. Due to BCCI’s decision the tournament is most likely to be moved out of Pakistan and hosted somewhere else. The most likely host will be UAE if it is moved out of Pakistan.

The ICC should take strict action: Miandad

When asked about this by the former captain of Pakistan at a media event. Miandad as not bashful about slamming the ICC for not taking action against BCCI. Javed Miandad said,

“I have said this before as well, India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan. It doesn’t bother us. It is the ICC’s job to ensure that India comes. If the ICC can’t control it, then what’s the use of being a governing body? The ICC should take strict action. Why is it there if they are not able to control these things? They have to put an end to things. ICC should take action against this kind of issue,” 

He further added that BCCI does not run cricket, and the rules should be the same for all the teams. After the big bomb blast in Peshawar. There was again a bomb blast in Quetta. This makes the situation of PCB worse. The asia cup will be played outside Pakistan.

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