Indian Premier League, see what Indian legend has to say about it

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League (IPL) has played a key role in the healing of relationships between players from different countries. As a result of players competing alongside one another, the fiery battles on the pitch have been tamed down.

Indian Premier League brings players together

Former Indian batter Sunil Gavaskar spoke about the IPL 2023 schedule ahead of the competition. According to him, the IPL has played a significant role in bridging the global divide over the past few years. Gavaskar in his coloumn wrote;

When two of the top-ranked teams play against each other, then sparks are bound to fly. However, since the IPL began, the animosity between players of the two teams has lessened considerably while the intensity hasn’t reduced one bit. and that’s how it should be.”

Moreover, he discussed Pakistani players’ exclusion from the Indian Premier League. There have been no Pakistani players taking part in the IPL since the first season due to the political tensions between India and Pakistan.

“While there will always be a bit of banter between players, the angry and sometimes vulgar exchanges are a thing of the past. Today, if there are any such issues, they’re invariably between players who don’t play in the IPL. thus have a bit of resentment towards the Indian players who play against them. Some of them believe that their achievements are such that they should be getting more than the Indian player, who gets millions through the IPL.”

Gavaskar added.

Pakistan trying to get attention says Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar also spoke out about ex-Pakistani players who talk about Indian players on social media to gain attention. Additionally, he claimed it was a trick to gain followers and reach.

“It has almost become a daily affair to hear some former players from across the border. pulling down an Indian player by saying that the Pakistani player is better. What these guys know is that they will immediately get a response from the Indian fans, who will defend their favourite player. Thus increasing the number of followers of these former players from across the border.”

Gavaskar wrote.

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