Isco Alarcon- The Last Dance

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The appointment of Carlo Ancelotti has seen signaled the merengue’s desire to achieve stability and greatness in the post-pandemic period. For players like Benzema, it has given them a new life but for players like Isco, it has meant reduced game time.

Isco isn’t the only one, with reduced game time he finds himself accompanied by Bale and Hazard. With Bale and Hazard, the problem is not only with the wage but the transfer value too. Isco doesn’t have an exorbitant wage nor does he hold much transfer value. 

Isco is someone who’ll always have a divided opinion among the football fanbase. On one side his natural ability to pass seamlessly from traffic will make anyone fall in love with him. But on the other side injuries have kept him down from performing. Isco would’ve so much more if he’d been able to adjust himself into the dominant force under Zidane and now Ancelotti.

Isco and Man City

At the end of his contract, the Spaniard is preparing for a move away from Bernabeu. One club that has been very interested in signing Isco is Man City. Man City wanted to sign him since 2013 when Manuel Pellegrini was in charge. Back in 2013 Isco was playing for Malaga and was the priority for Pellegrini in the transfer window.

The move didn’t happen as the player announced he would delay his transfer decision until the U-21 euros that summer. The final caught the attention of Florentino Perez who was quick to capitalize on the build-up and sign him for 30 million just two weeks later. In some words, he was the first signing of Carlo Ancelotti in charge of the Los Blancos. Isco’s debut for the Los Blancos was something to watch scoring a header in his very first match. 

Starting only 13 games this season and scoring just once with no assists doesn’t define a player of his caliber. It has been a very long time since the blue side of Manchester was interested in signing but the scenario may be different now. Man City is a team that is regarded as one of the very best and it’s very rare for them to have a weak link. Isco may have a hard time settling down under the temper of English football. Some pundits even say at this stage he should remain in Spain even if it’s some different side. 

Apart from staying in Laliga, he can also consider a move to MLS, especially David Beckham’s Inter Miami. Although it would be a significant downgrade for a player possessing the potential of Isco.

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