‘It is necessary to shut out the outside noise’: Pujara


The junior wall of Indian cricket is going to play his 100th test in Delhi. He was the man, who got the blows and won the BGT in the last two seasons. As the quote says “NO PAIN NO GAIN” Pujara is an example. Pujara takes the pain for the gain of the team.

Pujara on his comeback said

“I got my opportunity again to play that one-off Test match in England and I was ready, I played first-class games for Sussex and scored enough runs, got enough confidence,”

On team management, he said

“I had already spoken to Rahul bhai (Dravid) and Vicky paaji (Vikram Rathour) and although I was left out of the team, I had clear communication that there were certain things I had to work on and there will be opportunities to play for India,”

Pujara on Yoga

“Patience needs mental strength and lots of practice. Preparation is important, and I learned my patience from junior and first-class cricket. I do a little bit of meditation, yoga, and pranayama because it is necessary to shut out the outside noise. It is easy to say that but, to do that, you need to be mentally strong and sometimes detach yourself from what’s spoken outside. Shut out even if it’s positive news. I don’t read newspapers or check social media and that’s important,”

Pujara has played 99 test matches for India with an average of 44 runs per match. Stats don’t say about Pujara’s masterclass and temperament in the crease.

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