‘He is a class player’- Mark Waugh on hitman’s transformation


India crushed the Australians in the first test match of the four-match series. Team India won the match by 132 runs and innings. Mark Waugh was impressed by the transformation of Rohit Sharma in test cricket. The major role in the victory was played by our skipper.

Mark Waugh’s on Rohit Sharma

“He has got the discipline, he has got the range of shots. It’s all about the mental game now. He is a class player, in all conditions. He plays well overseas, he has got a perfect game for Indian conditions. Rohit has got the range, he watches the ball so closely, and he has got great hands. He reads the game well, he can go up the gear and down the gear, according to the situation,” 

Mark Waugh further added on the Indian Captain that

“Rohit has had an interesting Test career, hasn’t he? In the early bit of his career, he was an underachiever of sorts. He needed to work on his discipline. But, he has always had a touch of class, he has always had time like all the great players. However, He has a very simple technique. He has always been a match-winner in white-ball cricket, but he is a match-winner in Test cricket now,” the 57-year-old concluded.

The Teams will travel to Delhi for the second match of the series. However, the third match of the series is shifted to Indore from Dharmsala. All experts want the Aussies to put up a fight in the series.

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