Sunil Gavaskar on CSK’s return after the Ban ‘It was absolutely amazing’:

Sunil Bowler

Former Indian Batsman Sunil Gavaskar says it is the amazing moment for him in the IPL so far. He says that the return of CSK after their ban was so amazing. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned for the match fixing for two years. Chennai won the championship title on their return to the IPL.

Sunil Gavaskar on his amazing moment

“I think when CSK returned and won the IPL trophy, it was absolutely amazing because the team had not been together for two years and they had moved out with different franchises and suddenly they came back again. That tells you about leadership,”

“That tells you how the man could get a team together again after that gap. Sometimes you know, first year, second year there is a team spirit that happens. But to get all of them together after the gap is remarkable,”

Sunil Gavaskar further added that

“I think therefore that particular year and some of the shots that he played. I remember one game where the teams needed 20 odd runs in the final over. He just smashed it around from everywhere from outside the off stump, he was hitting it over long on for sixes,” said the 73-year-old.

“We were used to seeing that from Dhoni. But even those little touches of his where he makes a fielder, a player feel 7 feet tall, are the touches that make him stand out from the other,”

This season is most likely to be Dhoni’s last season in the Indian Premier League.

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