Rohit Sharma on getting DRS right ‘It’s like a lottery’


The Border-Gasakar Trophy came to an end in a roller coaster way. The first two tests were won by India very easily. Then the regular Aussie skipper Pat Cummins has to go back home to see his ill mother. The last two test matches were captained by Steve Smith. The Indore test was won by Australia. Rohit Sharma says to chill for taking too much DRS on Day 1. The final and fourth test matches went in a Draw.

Rohit Sharma on DRS

“DRS is a tricky one. It’s like a lottery. If you get it right, you get it right. Otherwise, you hope for the best. You got to understand certain aspects of DRS, like whether it’s pitching in line, or the impact is in line. In India, there’s not too much of bounce. So, that’s going to be a factor. Impact is very important. Turn was quite a lot in last game, so we had to look at pitching, impact, and how the ball was turning. When we played in Delhi, it wasn’t turning so much. We only had to see the impact and line. That’s what we try to assess,”

Rohit Sharma further added,

“We quickly gathered our thoughts, knew it’s going to turn a bit. We decided that the bowler, captain and keeper will have a talk (for DRS). The guys who are standing in close position, where they can hear the noise and pick certain things, can also be involved. We didn’t make the right calls in the last game, Bharat obviously is new to DRS. He has not kept wickets for India, Ranji (Trophy) doesn’t have DRS, India A (matches) don’t have DRS. We have to give him time, make him understand.”

On Jadeja, Rohit Sharma said

“Jaddu yaar. On every ball, he thinks (the batter) is out. He’s quite animated, it’s the passion of the game. Vahan mera role aata hai, bhai thoda relax karo. Stump ke aas paas ball lagega toh theek hai, idhar toh stump me bhi ball nahi lag raha tha. Pitching bhi bahar tha. (My role comes there. I tell him to relax a bit. The ball wasn’t even near the stumps there. They didn’t even pitch in line). Silly mistake that we made. We hope to correct that in this game.”

Rohit Sharma is the leading run scorer after the two test matches in the BGT 2023.

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