Jason Cundy worried for Jack Grealish as his vacation pictures are posted online

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Jason Cundy has stated that he is worried for Grealish as he continues his post-season celebrations at Ibiza. Meanwhile, the English international was part of Pep’s squad which won the Premier League on the final day of the season.

This was Grealish’s first trophy of his career. Moreover, Grealish was not the only one celebrating as he danced after the game. These celebrations went on for a week.

The 100million star was at his very best in the open-bus top celebrations of Manchester City. Moreover, all the players were seen drinking beers and what appeared to be coke vodkas.

He also made the crowd with his witty snippets every time he got the microphone.

This celebration went into the night, as Grealish went online after he reached Ibiza with Wayne Linekar-Gary Linekar’s brother.

He was seen partying in the popular beach resort Ocean Beach.

What did Jason Cundy say about Grealish’s celebrations?

Though Cundy admitted that there was nothing wrong with Grealish celebrating after his first title win. However, he was quick to remark that his Nations League matches are around the corner and therefore through celebrating so much he has ‘left himself open to criticism’.

Speaking to The Sports Bar, he said, “He is allowed to enjoy himself because the ultimate goal this season was to win as many trophies as they can and it’s his first trophy right? The Premier League, so I understand it.”

“There is a part of me, though, that just worries a little bit for him. There is.”

“If things don’t go well for England over the next couple of weeks, maybe Gareth Southgate looks at it as well, we’ve got a World Cup coming up.”

There’s just a part of me that’s a bit worried and thinks ‘come on Jack, don’t do something stupid or get yourself on the front pages’.

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