Manchester City’s Jeremy Doku to get limited minutes at Etihad

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Manchester City’s new signing Jeremy Doku is bound to get limited minutes for his first season at Etihad. Sam Tighe, a football writer, believes that it will take time for the young winger to fasten his boots. On the other hand, City supporters are expecting to experience the winger as the first team choice.

Manchester City has completed the signing of Doku from Stade Rennes, making him third signing of Guardiola this season.

Doku needs patience to get game minutes for City’s starter

The Belgian is a replacement to Riyad Mahrez, who now plays in the Saudi Pro League. In a podcast with Sky Sports, Sam Tighe said, “Remember the last time City recruited a free-spirited dribbler? It was Jack Grealish”. In addition to this, Tighe added,

“He kind of spent a year in the wilderness didn’t he, learning the tactical system, learning how Guardiola asks you to press, learning your triggers.

“While he [Guardiola] doesn’t squeeze the creativity out of you, he certainly tries to make you understand how to play the game his way.

“It takes a bit of time, it takes longer for players like Doku and Grealish who are so off-the-cuff and so free.

He continues to add,

“This isn’t a comment on Doku’s ability, but I would suggest that Doku won’t play much this season as he gets to grips with everything.

“He’ll have to learn how to press and he’ll have to learn the tactical system, because while City do often look free-flowing, they’re a pretty rigid side, everything is choreographed and you have to learn all of that before you get to play for them.”

Doku has to compete for playing minutes

The ex- Rennes winger has great potential. Besides being an effective dribbler & lethal in 1v1 situation, the Belgian is a gifted pacer too. Despite having such flair, Pep may still prefer to come up with the likes of Foden, Bernardo Silva or Cole Palmer, all capable of playing the role of the winger.

Moreover, this signing has given Guardiola options to explore his choices for his new winger after the departure of Riyad Mahrez.

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