Joe Cole speaks about growing status of West Ham man Jarrod Bowen

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Joe Cole speaks about the growing status of West ham United player Jarrod Bowen. Cole said that Bowen can ‘put his name next to anyone at West ham.’ The Hammers announced in early October about the long-term contract extension for Bowen. The England international even helped them to secure their first European championship in 43 years when they won Europa Conference League in June. Bowen has already scored six goals and two assists in all competitions so far this season. Cole said,

“All those boys from Prague [the UEFA Conference League winning team] are club legends.

“But Jarrod’s got this ability to put his name next to anyone at West Ham. He’s such a talented lad and a humble boy. And you just can’t help but want him to do well.”

On being asked whether he felt Bowen could drive the team when he joined from Hull City, Cole said,

“He is. And what he’s got is that ability to learn and take in information.

“I remember speaking to him about, maybe this time last year, I was struck by him. He was asking me questions before I think he played for England. And I was saying to him ‘the next step is surely England, Jarrod.’

And he was like ‘yeah’ and he was asking me about things and then I knew he was a top player, because I’d watched him play. But I thought, he’s just going to keep getting better because he was 25 at the time and he wanted to learn.

“And he’s just kept going since Prague. He’s one of the most in-form players in the league. I think it’s fantastic he’s signed his deal and I think he’s been humble saying he has a long way to go to become a club legend.”

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