John Aldridge Highlights Liverpool’s Strategy Against Manchester City


Liverpool icon John Aldridge has pinpointed a critical tactic that could secure victory against Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp’s squad will face the daunting challenge of visiting the Etihad Stadium this Saturday. The Reds, trailing by just one point behind the formidable reigning Premier League champions, have encountered difficulties at City’s turf. They have won only once in their last seven visits.

John Aldridge, a former Liverpool striker, emphasized that adopting a counter-attacking style, reminiscent of their earlier successes under Klopp, could be the key to triumph against Manchester City. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, John Aldridge highlighted Manchester City fans’ concerns regarding facing Liverpool. The Reds have been the primary challengers capable of unsettling their dominance.

However, acknowledging Liverpool’s poor recent record at City, John Aldridge expressed apprehensions about adopting an attacking approach. He said,

“ While City have been dominant, Liverpool is the only team to give them a tough time, which worries their fans. Nevertheless, our performance at City in recent times has been concerning. In my view, you can’t adopt an attacking strategy when facing them.”

John Aldridge proposes a defensive approach for victory

John Aldridge emphasized the importance of defensive solidity and a resilient mindset similar to Liverpool’s displays against Newcastle and Tottenham earlier in the season. He highlighted the necessity of emulating their approach during the Newcastle game, where Liverpool fought back from a disadvantageous situation. Also, the nearly successful resilient display against Tottenham Hotspur despite playing with reduced numbers due to red cards.

Summing up, John Aldridge stressed the significance of frustrating Man City by adopting a defensive stance rather than aiming for attacking strategy. His perspective suggests that Liverpool’s success against Man City might hinge on a strategy centered on resilience and solid defensive play, drawing inspiration from their performances in challenging circumstances earlier this season.

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