John Terry says he is left stunned by Liverpool 31-year old player

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Former Chelsea defender John Terry admits that he is left shocked by 31-year old Liverpool player. Terry is mesmerized on the performance of Liverpool winger Mo Salah. Speaking on the Obi One podcast, John Terry has been discussing his initial view of Salah and Kevin De Bruyne. He says that he never thought either of those two players would go on to become stars. Though, Salah had a shaky spell while he was at Stamford Bridge, he is now world-class. The Egyptian is one of the best in the Premier League so far this season. Indeed, he has been one of the finest for over years.

“You mention Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne, you’d say on their day that’s the two best players in the Premier League right now, honestly, when you watched them back in the day did you envisage they would achieve what they have achieved?” Terry was asked.

“Absolutely not, no chance. It’s my one disappointment as captain. I softened as the years went on, but when those guys were there I was very disciplined in the group and very strong. They probably needed an arm around the shoulder, a sit down and a discussion and maybe I could’ve helped them settle in. I’m disappointed in myself as a captain and it’s a regret I have. I wouldn’t have said they would’ve gone to the levels they would’ve gone to, no chance,” he replied.

Salah has been arguably the best winger in the league for so many years. Despite having a horrible life at Chelsea, Salah managed to return to England with Liverpool. Not only did he come back but also just ruled the wing for so many years.

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