Jordan Henderson reveals how he almost left Liverpool back in 2012

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Jordan Henderson reveals that he cried since he was close to an exit from Liverpool in 2012. Then Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers gave Henderson two options. One option was to leave and the other was to stay but compromise his game time. We all know which option Henderson opted and Liverpool should consider themselves lucky for that decision.

Since Jurgen Klopp has taken over, he has been one of Liverpool’s most important players. His attitude has given him the armband but it’s his improved technical and passing ability that has got him back in the squad. He became an integral part of Jurgen Klopp’s team in his prime and has helped Liverpool in breaking their trophy drought.

Liverpool wanted Clint Dempsey in exchange for Jordan Henderson. Letting go Henderson for Clint Dempsey would have been a huge failure for Liverpool. Dempsey went to Tottenham after the failed swap transfer but even that did not turn out as expected. Dempsey joined MLS after spending just one underwhelming season at Tottenham Hotspur.

Whereas, Jordan Henderson was Liverpool’s captain when Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019. He also helped Liverpool in winning the Premier League after 30 years of league title drought. Henderson is known for his trophy lifting shuffle which may not have been the case if he had left Liverpool in 2012.

Why letting Henderson go would have been a huge loss for Liverpool?

First of all, Jordan Henderson is the club captain with a great mentality and passion for his club. He would be willing to do everything on the pitch and never slack off because of his sheer commitment to the club. His mentality and discipline are now reflected in the younger players which shows how much of an impact he can have on his teammates.

Secondly, his technical ability and passing have improved a lot in the past few years. He is one of the most underrated passers in Europe as he has a lot of world-class competition in his position. He always has an eye for a killer pass that threads through both the opposition’s midfield and defense. Henderson also has good physical qualities and awareness of the game which helps him to get in better positions.

Lastly, he has always given priority to the club over himself and has done whatever is in the best interest of the club. Henderson has always put his teammates first and has learned to take up responsibility since he has been the club captain. Moreover, he also has an occasional goal within him and all of them are spectacular ones.

Jordan Henderson has missed a lot of matches this season due to injury and has a contract with Liverpool till the summer of 2025. He would certainly come back stronger and do his best to win even more trophies for Liverpool. The Reds currently racing Manchester City for the Premier League title and this is where Liverpool could use some of Henderson’s experience and mentality to keep trying.

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