Journalist praised Klopp and his solidarity after victory against Forest

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Journalist Fraser Watson praises Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and his solidarity after 3:0 victory over Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

Diego Jota, Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah scored the goals for the home team. However the victory was overshadow by news of Luis Diaz’s parents getting kidnapp in Colombia.

After the scoring the opening goal, Jota showed showed solidarity by raising the Diaz’s jersey. Later in post-match press-conference, Jurgen Klopp stated it’s the most difficult situation he ever faced in 22 year managerial career and expressing his emotional support to his family.

Speaking after weekend’s Premier League matches, Mirror’s Fraser Watson praised Klopp for showing solidarity to his players in difficult situations. The Journalist wrote :-

“ Klopp is an elite level manager whose Liverpool sides have long epitomised the intensity, desire, and relentless that reflects the character of the manager.

“And yet, Klopp has always possessed another quality that often goes unheralded. Namely a compassion for his players and recognising when certain issues outweigh the significance of football. It’s a trait that has undoubtedly harboured unity and togetherness within his squad at Anfield.

“And that togetherness was again apparent on Sunday, amid the harrowing news that the father of Luis Diaz remains missing after his parents were kidnapped in his native Colombia. Starting in his place, Diogo Jota opened the scoring and immediately ran to the bench and held aloft a Diaz shirt to show support.

“However, in response to the heartfelt gesture, Diaz later conveyed his appreciation for his teammate’s support on social media. This is a Liverpool squad on the charge in the Premier League – and it’s a squad that’s bonds”

Despite Klopp winning some of the biggest prizes in football, he has gone beyond the boundaries to support some situations.

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