Jurgen Klopp defends Darwin Nunez’s price tag

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Darwin Nunez has completed his move to Liverpool. He completed this move for an upfront fee of  £64m. However, on completion of the many milestones set in his agreement, the fee will rise to £85m. Nunez has signed a six-year deal with the Reds. He was the top target of Jurgen Klopp for the summer transfer window.

Jurgen Klopp has spoken up about the price tag reports of Darwin Nunez. Liverpool have arrived in Singapore to play their second pre-season game. Liverpool will face fellow League side Crystal Palace. Speaking ahead of the clash, Klopp had a few things to say regarding the price tag of the player and also the big-money signings in general.

“When you want to sign a striker as exciting as Darwin in, it’s the market and you have to pay the price. I’ve said so many things in my life and life caught me then later and showed me that my imagination was obviously not clear enough for how quick life can change,“

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks up about the price tag of Darwin Nunez

Evidently, Klopp has changed his stance on the big-money signings. Given the transfer market situation today, it is completely understandable. New signing Nunez played the final half hour of the pre-season game against Manchester United.

“I am not worried at all. The general judgement is 0.0 percent interesting. We all know it’s a joke or a game for some people to pick out some situations where a player is not doing well. They should know now after a while that new players need time and get time. And we should be the first – all Liverpool supporters on this planet – who just delete the fee we paid. Just delete it, it’s not important.“

Moreover, there was some scrutiny of the player on social media. Klopp spoke up about that too. He also insisted that there is no pressure on the new No 27.

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