Jurgen Klopp giving too much pressure on Harvey Elliott

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Klopp has shown tough love for young Harvey Elliott at Liverpool. Fans are eager to see results at the end of the season.

Harvey Elliot is the only player to play in every game this season. Klopp has regularly deployed the young player. But the season has been a mixed one showing bursts of irregular form.

His goal against Wolves in FA CUP has been lauded as extraordinary by pundits and grabbed all the headlines.

Luis Garcia described the goal as ‘ astonishing ‘. The Former Liverpool Legend remarked Elliott as ‘ brilliant’ for his effort and felt that Elliott deserved the Man of the Match.

Harvey has enjoyed as the right-sided attacker which looks like the natural position for him. During his spells in Fulham and Blackburn Rovers in the Championship, he enjoyed and excelled in this position.

This can be a reality check for Jurgen Klopp. Playing him in midfield isn’t a wise decision. Being tough on a young player is quite common nowadays but it can lead to a huge mistake.

Elliott for Liverpool this season

Harvey has been used regularly by Klopp but with his first team, he has been deployed as a ‘central midfielder’. Last season he played as a ‘midfielder ‘ and Klopp has not changed this season.

Elliot struggles at reading the game at the midfield and spends most of the time drifting into spaces away from the ball.

Elliot did play as a winger against Chelsea but he was deployed on the left side. He lacked the pace for playing as a winger and his weak right foot was not at all helping him. He couldn’t cope with the press and passed backward quite often.

Klopp persists with these positions because Salah is playing on the right side. It’s quite impossible for Elliott to play in his natural position for this Liverpool side. It has to be a new position if he wants to continue in this club.

But for a young player, it can be a difficult task. It’s a difficult ask from Jurgen Klopp – a 19year old is unlikely to gain success.

These hard times will make Elliott stronger. Playing in a new position will be huge a learning curve. But when Liverpool’s side starts performing well, we imagine he will start playing his A game and will positively contribute to the team’s success.

Sometimes young players need time to succeed and Klopp needs to be patient with Elliott as he is an exceptional player and will show his real colors with time.

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