Jurgen Klopp has his say on his future at Liverpool

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The Premier League start hasn’t been quite good for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. German Media has already started making some speculations about the coach’s future. Considering that the coach extended his contract earlier this year, and is bound to stay at Anfield until June 2026. He doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Rough start for the German and his team.

Unfortunately, this season’s start isn’t quite good for the club. Liverpool currently holds 10th position in the Premier League. They are currently 11 points behind Arsenal, the league leader playing lesser games. With the title chance slipping away, Jurgen’s main goal seems to snatch a place in the Champions League spot.

Klopp is determined to stay

Liverpool coach spoke to Sky Sports and made himself very clear about staying determined with challenges coming forward to him and his club. He said

“I always knew that I would like to stay here. I‘m still at the right place here, 100%. And if not, then you have to end it. It would be silly not to. But everybody involved doesn’t see things like that.”

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