Jurgen Klopp Lauds Willian as a Premier League Great

Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, has expressed high regard for Willian, the former Arsenal Brazilian midfielder. Despite Willian’s less-than-ideal tenure with Arsenal, which ended in 2021, Klopp ranks him among the Premier League’s greats. Thus acknowledging his current impact at Fulham.

Willian joined Arsenal from Chelsea in 2020 on a free transfer. This was amid expectations of adding depth and experience to the team. Yet, his time at Arsenal was characterized by lackluster performances and only one goal in 37 appearances. Therefore it ended prematurely, marking a notable low in his career.

Klopp’s High Praise

Jurgen Klopp, renowned for his frankness, has openly admired Willian. Ahead of Liverpool’s game against Fulham, Klopp highlighted Willian’s critical role in Fulham’s offense. Thus asserting that, despite his Arsenal phase, Willian remains a top talent in the league.

Klopp’s remarks bring attention to Fulham’s offensive strategy and the potential challenges for Liverpool in their upcoming game. Willian, now a key figure at Fulham under Marco Silva, retains his reputation as a significant Premier League player.

Willian’s arrival at Arsenal was initially met with enthusiasm. It was due to his seasoned background. However, his lack of influence and early exit from the team led him to join Fulham. There he has had the opportunity to revive his career.

Willian’s Comeback at Fulham

Willian’s career seemed to be waning after his unremarkable stint at Arsenal and a subsequent return to Brazil with Corinthians. Nonetheless, his resurgence at Fulham, who signed him as a free agent at 34, has defied these assumptions.

Willian has reestablished himself at Fulham, surprising many with his on-field contributions. Now 35, he has scored three goals this season. Thus demonstrating that he still possesses a significant attacking threat, thereby exceeding expectations.

However, Klopp’s respect for Willian’s capabilities suggests that he could be instrumental for Fulham. A standout performance from Willian might upset the balance, presenting a real challenge to Liverpool’s dominance in the league.

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