Jurgen Klopp talks about why he cannot leave Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp explains why he is not thinking about leaving Liverpool. Despite Liverpool having a difficult season, Jurgen Klopp is not thinking about leaving them. Klopp feels ‘too much responsibility’ towards the club to leave them halfway. Therefore the manager have dismissed any idea of leaving the club in their difficult times. The Reds are halfway through the campaign and have had a miserable campaign so far. They are currently sitting in the 10th position of the Premier League table. Furthermore, they have only managed to take 29 points in their last 20 games. Following the return to the domestic league after World Cup, they managed to just pick up seven points from a possible 18. This squashed fans’ hopes for them finishing the season in the top four. Jurgen Klopp is fully backing the FSG but there have been rumors that the manager could part ways with the Reds.

Jurgen Klopp dismisses any rumors of him leaving Liverpool

Speaking to the media on Monday, Jurgen Klopp talked about the rumors. Jurgen Klopp commented,

“I would say I have had difficult spells but always at the end of my time [at my other clubs]. At Mainz we had difficult times during the whole time and Borussia Dortmund was probably at the beginning and the end. So I understand that people would think that way, but I will not go and I cannot go. I have too much responsibility and I want it and I want to sort it again. It is a difficult time, I don’t enjoy it but if we could show in this difficult time that this club is so special because we believe in everything – or people believe in me – then have to go through this together because then when we come out we will have great times again.”

He further added,

“Maybe the difficult times are a bit too long already, maybe for me as well. I knew it would be a difficult season but if we have five or six points more it would still not be a great season but we could talk about [qualifying for] the Champions League but now we are that far away not even you (the media) ask me about it anymore thankfully.

“So that makes it really difficult. But I don’t think about these kind of things. I am here 100% committed. If we win I feel like I was part of it but if we lose I feel 100% responsible, I was always like this in my life, so you can imagine how big the responsibility at the moment is and how I feel now and we will do absolutely everything to get through this and prepare the very positive future again.”

The Liverpool fans would be glad to hear the news. Jurgen Klopp have helped the Reds to win a number of trophies which also include the Premier League title. Therefore the fans would be thinking to be a little more patient with him.

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