Klopp trusted colleague is ‘hard to work with’ confirms other coaching staff


A new problem has emerged for Klopp after reports claimed that one of his coaching staff holds too much power and is quite difficult to work with.

Liverpool’s head of fitness and conditioning Andreas Kornmayer who is speculated to have to much influence on the club and is “hard to work with”.

In 2016, Kornmayer joined Reds from Bayern Munich but alleged that he holds too much power representing new scarcity for Klopp in a campaign which is already messed up.

Klopp Coaching staff issue at Kirkby

Liverpool have struggled miserably in the Premier League, sitting 21 points behind toppers Arsenal, and are out of both Domestic Cups which they won last season.

Klopp’s side are still alive in the Champions League but have a huge task of facing Real Madrid in the Round of 16 this month.

Liverpool’s issues on the ground, especially in midfield have been quite evident. But Reds have also been blighted by off-field issues.

Earlier reports suggested that Klopp’s assistant Pep Ljinders’s influence has grown considerably and now Sky Sports have claimed a similar image for Kornmayer.

Some personnel at the club’s AXA training complex in Kirkby feels that German is quite difficult to work with. Unnamed employee as per reports claims that various changes behind the scenes in terms of personnel has had a negative effect on the club.

Speaking in a pre-match press conference, Klopp said:-

“Of course I have heard that I am too loyal. I heard that before and I am not. I am loyal – I think everybody should be loyal – but I am not too loyal.

“It is an intelligent question. At Borussia Dortmund, it was clear when I left [in May 2015, joined Liverpool six months later] – I said something has to change. It is a different situation [here]. Either the manager’s position changes or a lot of other things change.

“So, as far as I am concerned, what I hear – unless someone tells me – I will not go.

So that means maybe there is a point where we have to change other stuff. We will see but that is for the future, like summer or whatever. Not now. I have space and time to think about it.”

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